Our Services

Audiometric Evaluations

Complete hearing testing for ages five to adult provided by a certified clinical audiologist. Evaluations include measures of hearing sensitivity for air and bone conducted sounds, measures of speech discrimination ability and, when necessary, assessment of the middle ear function (impedance audiometry), and special testing to determine the location of dysfunction.

Battery Sales

We stock a wide selection of fresh batteries. Join our battery club for savings.

Cerumen Management

Cerumen, or ear wax, is a common condition among the general population. If cerumen is allowed to build up, further hearing complications are almost a certainty. Failure to remove excessive cerumen may lead to a perforated eardrum, dizziness, bleeding, infection, and all around pain. If you're bothered by excessive earwax, it's important to have a professional check out the situation to get back to healthy hearing.

Ear Molds

Custom-made noise protection earmolds, noise protectors and swim plugs.

Hearing Aid Consultation

The Hearing Aid Consultation is a counseling session centered around your specific hearing needs, and the hearing devices available to fit those needs. We will discuss your potential benefit from hearing aids, which hearing aid styles are best suited for you, and the special circuits that are most appropriate for your particular hearing loss. You will receive honest and realistic information about the expected outcomes with hearing aids with no added hype or high pressure.

Hearing Aid Repairs

If you ever need a repair, we can get your hearing aid repaired quickly at a reasonable cost.

Hearing Aids & Hearing Aid Checks

We offer a wide selection of hearing aids, including digital processing and digitally programmable, from a variety of manufacturers. We will work with you to find the best solution for your hearing healthcare needs within your budget.

All hearing aids are fit on a 45-day trial basis, with 90% of the cost refunded if needed. Each instrument we fit is a nationally or internationally recognized manufacturer, with service available in most areas. Hearing aid fees are competitive, with service and support being our highest priority.

OtoAcoustic Emissions

A small probe-like earplug is placed into the ear canal, and a series of tones is presented to the ear. The probe records the response from the hair cells of the inner ear to these tones to give an indication as to hair cell function.